Takeaways from the RESOLVE New England conference

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We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to exhibit at the RESOLVE New England conference this year.  Here are some takeways from the conference:

  • Keynote speaker (and Olympic medalist and Dancing with the Stars participant) Nancy Kerrigan talked about her multiple miscarriages when trying to conceive her second child.  She urges others not to be ashamed of infertility and to be strong to get through the difficult journey.  Great advice!  Thrilled she was able to participate with the conference.  If you missed the conference, you can catch Nancy’s message over at NECN.
  • Catherine was interviewed by Trak Fertility.  They’ve got a new product out to help maximize male fertility.  Catherine’s advice: Guys, don’t be ashamed to get checked out and to get yourself in the best possible shape for IVF!
  • We learned about the extensive screening process sperm donors must go through.  Don’t think most people realize how time intensive the whole sperm donor process is.  Thank you to all the donors who help others have families.
  • Surrogacy agencies from throughout New England were exhibiting.  We were excited to see our friends from Vermont Surrogacy Network, Circle Surrogacy, and The Fertility Source Companies.
  • On the egg donation side, we saw our friend Julie Richardson-Paige from Tiny Treasures New England.
  • Dr. John Petrozza, director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center, taught us about IVF innovations and IVF fads.  There are promising innovations out there relating to increasing implantation rates (although it’s less clear whether live birth rates are increased).  Bottom line: talk to your doctor about what is recommend for your situation!

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