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"While we understand that your primary motivation is to help another family, we think it is important that you be compensated fairly for your commitment."

Mike Degieux | Co-Founder

Our Compensation Schedule

Compensation Amount
Screening Compensation $250-$500 Paid to cover surrogate's time, effort, and expenses associated with screening at the IVF Clinic
$250 for local IVF clinic | $500 if long-distance travel required
Embryo Transfer Compensation $500-$1000 Paid to cover surrogate's time, effort, and expenses associated with each embryo transfer
$500 for local IVF clinic | $1000 if long-distance travel required
Base Compensation $35,000-$45,000 Paid for surrogate's time and effort during the pregnancy
First time surrogates with Surrogacy Pathways receive a base compensation payment of $35,000
Base compensation starts at $40,000 for New Hampshire surrogates, experienced surrogates, and surrogates with approved health insurance
Payments made on a monthly basis once pregnancy confirmed
Compensation deemed fully earned 34 weeks after the embryo transfer
For a premature birth, balance paid out upon child's discharge from hospital
Multiples $5000 Paid per fetus as a lump sum payment at end of second trimester
Reduction $1500
Cerclage $1500
Amnio / CVS $500
Invasive Procedure $1000 For invasive procedures not listed
C-Section $2500
Loss of Reproductive Organs $5000-$10,000 $5000 partial hysterectomy | $10,000 full hysterectomy
Monthly Allowance $150/month For surrogate's local travel, childcare for medical appointments, postage, faxing, over the counter medications, and other miscellaneous expenses
Paid from time of pregnancy confirmation through 4 weeks after delivery/miscarriage/termination of pregnancy
Travel Actual Paid for surrogate's and her companion's long-distance travel, including a $75/person/day meal allowance
Maternity Clothes $750 Paid in second trimester
Bedrest Related Expenses Actual For surrogate's child care, housekeeping, and lost wages incurred during doctor ordered bedrest occurring after confirmation of pregnancy through 8 weeks following delivery/miscarriage/termination of pregnancy
Spouse's Lost Wages Actual Spouse's necessary lost wages compensated after confirmation of pregnancy through surrogate's discharge from hospital following delivery
5 day maximum unless surrogate is placed on extended hospital bedrest
IVF / Medical Bills / Health Insurance Actual For costs incurred within 8 weeks of any delivery/miscarriage/termination of pregnancy
Complications Insurance $100,000 coverage Insurance to cover surrogate's medical bills in case of complications related to IVF process
Life insurance $250,000 coverage For surrogate to carry life insurance coverage through pregnancy
Surrogate designates beneficiary
Disability Insurance Actual Paid for surrogate to carry short-term and long-term disability insurance
Legal Fees Actual Paid directly to surrogate's lawyer