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What are the costs of surrogacy?

We recommend a budget of $110,000 to $140,000 for the entire process, although costs will vary for each individual surrogacy journey. Costs will be discussed in more detail during your initial consult with Surrogacy Pathways. Financing options are available from private lenders for a portion of the total costs.

Understanding Surrogacy Costs

Cost: Paid to: Amount: Fixed or variable:
Initial Consult N/A $0 Fixed Initial phone, Skype, and in-person consults are offered at no charge
Screening Compensation Surrogate Via Escrow Company $250-$500 Fixed Paid to cover surrogate's time, effort, and expenses associated with screening at the IVF Clinic
Embryo Transfer Compensation Surrogate via Esrow Company $500-$1000 Fixed Paid to cover surrogate's time, effort, and expenses associated with each embryo transfer
Base Compensation Surrogate via Escrow Company $35,000-
Fixed Paid for surrogate's time and effort during the pregnancy
First time surrogates with Surrogacy Pathways receive a base compensation payment of $35,000
Base compensation starts at $40,000 for New Hampshire surrogates, experienced surrogates, and surrogates with approved health insurance
Supplemental Compensation Surrogate via Escrow Company $0+ Variable Paid for multiples, invasive procedures, c-sections, and other specific circumstances that may apply to your individual circumstances
Monthly Expense Allowance Surrogate via Escrow Company $150/month Fixed For surrogate's local travel, childcare for medical appointments, postage, faxing, over the counter medications, and other miscellaneous expenses
Travel Expenses Surrogate via Escrow Company $0+ Variable Paid for surrogate's and her companion's long-distance travel
Maternity Clothes Expenses Surrogate via Escrow Company $750 Fixed Paid in second trimester
Bedrest Related Expenses Surrogate via Escrow Company $0+ Variable For surrogate's child care, housekeeping, and lost wages incurred during doctor ordered bedrest
Spouse's Lost Wages Reimbursement Surrogate via Escrow Company $0+ Variable Spouse's necessary lost wages
5 day maximum unless surrogate is placed on extended hospital bedrest
Life Insurance Premium Insurance Company $315 Fixed Paid for surrogate to carry life insurance coverage through pregnancy
Surrogate designates beneficiary
Optional insurance available for intended parents' benefit
Disability Insurance Premiums Insurance Company $450 Fixed For long-term disability for surrogate and to cover surrogate's potential loss of reproductive organs
Additional fees apply if short-term disability must be purchased
Agency Fee Surrogacy Pathways $18,500 Fixed For services of Surrogacy Pathways
Discounts offered for sibling journeys
International Fee Surrogacy Pathways $2500 Fixed Covers additional complexities associated with match involving international intended parents
Escrow Management Escrow Company $1000 Fixed For management of payments to surrogate by independent escrow company
IVF Related Fees IVF Clinic / Pharmacy $15,000+ Variable For screening and IVF procedures
Additional fees may apply if using donated eggs
Medical Bills / Health Insurance OBGYN / Hospital / Insurance Company $10,500+ Variable For costs incurred within 8 weeks of any delivery/miscarriage/termination of pregnancy
Medical Claims Management & Reconciliation Claims Manager $3000 Fixed For management and reconciliation of all health insurance claims
Child's Medical Expenses Hospital $0+ Variable For medical bills incurred by your child after birth
Legal Fees Lawyers $5000-$9000 Fixed For contract, parentage order, your attorney, and surrogate's attorney