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As LGBTQ+ community allies, we will help you find your pathway to parenthood.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Laws

In New Hampshire, where Surrogacy Pathways is based, the laws provide extensive protections for LGBTQ+ couples pursuing parenthood through surrogacy. We utilize these laws, and other same-sex friendly laws, to the best advantage of our clients.


We stand behind our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community.  Our founders are aligned with LGBTQ+ friendly organizations, such as the National LGBT Bar Association.  In addition, Surrogacy Pathways has taken GLAD's Pledge to Uphold the Standards for LGBT Families.

Egg Donation

We will help you understand your options for egg (or embryo) donation in the context of surrogacy.  Our network includes egg donation resources and a non-profit embryo donation matching resource.

Birth Certificates

Surrogacy Pathways matches same-sex couples with surrogates in LGBTQ+ friendly states, so that the intended parents can receive a birth certificate listing both of them as the legal parents of their child.

Legal Rights

LGBTQ parents may need to take additional legal steps to protect their legal rights. We can refer you to our network of experienced attorneys around the country who can help you secure your family's legal status.

International LGBTQ+ Parents

We will coordinate with your lawyers in your home country to protect your family's legal status.  In most cases, additional legal work will need to be completed upon your return home with your baby.