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We provide the pathway to parenthood for intended parents worldwide.

Global Agency

We are a global agency.  Both of our founders have strong family roots in Europe.  Mike is of French heritage and has lived in Europe for a number of years; he speaks French.  Catherine was born in Budapest, and also lived in Paris as a child; she is a native speaker of Hungarian.


We will coordinate your entire surrogacy journey up to the time you return home with your new baby.  We will refer you to IVF clinics and lawyers who have experience working with international patients.  If you require donated eggs, we can also help you select a donor egg program that fits your particular needs.

Medical Care

International clients have access to top quality medical care in the United States.  Some of the best IVF clinics and obstetric hospitals are located in the Boston area, which is within easy driving distance of our New Hampshire location.  For parents requiring egg donation services, the favorable legal environment offers unparalleled options for obtaining donated eggs.


You will be required to make at least two trips to the U.S. during the surrogacy process. However, we recommend at least four trips in order to be better able to experience the pregnancy.  After your baby is born, you can anticipate being able to return home within 2 to 4 weeks.

Medical Bills

We will help you understand the U.S. health insurance system so that you can make informed choices about how to pay for the medical bills incurred during the surrogacy journey.  Our network includes insurance agents who specialize in surrogacy and can assist you with obtaining surrogacy friendly insurance policies.


Your child will automatically be a U.S. citizen based on birth within the United States. We will guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary paperwork to allow your child to leave the country.  You may need to complete additional legal work back home.