Questions We Get: Do Intended Parents Need to Live in New Hampshire to Match with a New Hampshire Surrogate?

New Hampshire surrogacy

Intended parents do not need to live in New Hampshire to match with a New Hampshire surrogate.  We are able to work with intended parents from around the United States and also with international parents from other countries.  By matching with a New Hampshire  surrogate, out-of-state intended parents can obtain the benefits of New Hampshire surrogacy.  This includes convenient access to New England’s top IVF clinics, access to quality maternity care and cutting-edge teaching hospitals, contractual provisions available only under New Hampshire laws, easy establishment of legal parentage in New Hampshire, and birth certificates containing the names of both intended parents.  We think New Hampshire is the perfect place to pursue surrogacy!  (And we also think it’s a great place to live!)

If you live outside of New Hampshire, we will help coordinate the additional details involved with your journey, such as health insurance for your child.  We want this journey to be as seamless for you as possible so that you can focus on the pregnancy and your new baby.

Contact us for a free consult to learn more about surrogacy in New Hampshire.

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