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Questions We Get: Can I Become a Surrogate if I Have Had Gestational Diabetes?

We often get asked about whether a history of gestational diabetes will disqualify a surrogate candidate?  Remember, it’s all about a healthy pregnancy, a healthy surrogate, a healthy baby.  The good news is that you can become a surrogate with a history of easily managed gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes happens when your body is unable […]

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“It Won’t Happen to Me!”

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a surrogate say “I’ll just hope it won’t happen to me”. . . I’m a surrogacy lawyer so my mantra is “hope for the best but plan for the worst”.  Pregnancy can be an amazing, wonderful, fun experience (and that’s how we want it to […]

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Questions We Get: Can I Become a Surrogate if I Have Had an Abortion?

Yes, we do accept candidates who have had prior abortions (pregnancy terminations).  Here are some things you should know: You will need to sign a HIPAA waiver so we can obtain your medical records related to the procedure. As with all medical records, we take your privacy seriously and we will only disclose the information […]

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Questions We Get: Can I Become a Surrogate if My Tubes Are Tied?

Good news!  You can become a surrogate even if your tubes are tied. As a gestational surrogate, you will become pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF).  IVF involves the placement of a small catheter through the vagina into the uterus, and the embryos are released directly into the uterus.  Your fallopian tubes are bypassed entirely. […]

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Should a Surrogate Mother be Allowed to Change Her Mind?

So I had the TV on the other morning on the Game Show Network (please don’t judge me!) and they were running a rerun of Card Sharks.  It was contestant Evelyn’s turn.  She was asked to guess the results of a poll of a hundred people.  The question posed in the poll was: “Should a […]