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Questions We Get: Who Gets the Placenta?

A pretty common questions nowadays is “who gets the placenta”?  There is a trend for new moms to want to keep their placentas after they give birth.  Sometimes the placenta will be dehydrated and encapsulated for the new mom to ingest.  So how does this work when it comes to surrogacy? A little background:  In […]

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Ask Me Anything!

Head on over to Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything” featuring Surrogacy Pathways Co-Founder Catherine Tucker (Reddit username: NH_Surrogacy, AMA link:

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Questions We Get: Can I Become a Surrogate if I Have Had Gestational Diabetes?

We often get asked about whether a history of gestational diabetes will disqualify a surrogate candidate?  Remember, it’s all about a healthy pregnancy, a healthy surrogate, a healthy baby.  The good news is that you can become a surrogate with a history of easily managed gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes happens when your body is unable […]

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“It Won’t Happen to Me!”

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a surrogate say “I’ll just hope it won’t happen to me”. . . I’m a surrogacy lawyer so my mantra is “hope for the best but plan for the worst”.  Pregnancy can be an amazing, wonderful, fun experience (and that’s how we want it to […]

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Questions We Get: Can I Become a Surrogate if I Have Had an Abortion?

Yes, we do accept candidates who have had prior abortions (pregnancy terminations).  Here are some things you should know: You will need to sign a HIPAA waiver so we can obtain your medical records related to the procedure. As with all medical records, we take your privacy seriously and we will only disclose the information […]