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Takeaways from the RESOLVE New England conference

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to exhibit at the RESOLVE New England conference this year.  Here are some takeways from the conference: Keynote speaker (and Olympic medalist and Dancing with the Stars participant) Nancy Kerrigan talked about her multiple miscarriages when trying to conceive her second child.  She urges others not to […]

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How to Pay for Surrogacy: Where is the money going to come from?

Few would argue that surrogacy can be an expensive endeavor. Exciting and life-fulfilling, but nonetheless, expensive. Let’s break it down: There are agency fees, IVF procedures, legal fees, the costs of insurance, and the cost of the surrogate’s services, and these costs do add up. Its commonly understood that an entire surrogacy package, along with […]

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Getting Started as a Surrogate: FAQs

Got questions about becoming a gestational surrogate?  Here are answers to some common questions we get: Q: Can I become a surrogate if I’ve never had a child before?  A:   No.  IVF doctors will require at least one low risk pregnancy prior to clearing you to become a surrogate.  In addition, the laws of some […]

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FAQs: Surrogacy & Taxes

Here are some answer to frequently asked questions about surrogacy and taxes: Q: Does Surrogacy Pathways issue 1099s? A: Surrogacy Pathways does not manage escrow arrangements; this task is handled by independent escrow companies that specialize in surrogacy escrow.  The escrow companies we work with do NOT issue 1099s. Q: What is a 1099? A: […]

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RESOLVE New England Conference is Coming Up

We will be exhibiting at the RESOLVE New England Conference on November 4th.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Come by our table and say “hi”. We will be giving away discount vouchers for all attendees.                            

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New Hampshire Birth Certificates: FAQs

Intended parents and surrogates both benefit from the birth certificate process set forth in New Hampshire’s surrogacy laws.  In New Hampshire, all intended parents are eligible to have their names listed on their child’s initial birth certificate issued by the Secretary of State’s Office.  Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about birth certificates in […]