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Surrogacy in New Hampshire: FAQs

Q: Is surrogacy legal in New Hampshire? A: Yes. New Hampshire laws specifically allow and regulate gestational surrogacy. It is important to meet with a lawyer before the pregnancy is established in order to ensure that you comply with all the requirements of the applicable laws. Q: Does New Hampshire allow pre-birth orders? A: Yes. New Hampshire permits pre-birth orders, […]


When 1+1=3 in Surrogacy

Sometimes 2 embryos turn into 3 fetuses.  It happens when one of the embryos, post transfer, splits into identical twins and all of the embryos successfully implant. Your surrogate probably did not embark upon the surrogacy experience with expectations of a demanding, high risk pregnancy.  Triplet pregnancies are always high risk, and physical restrictions, bed […]


Surrogacy: What No One Wants to Talk About

Who wants to talk about termination of pregnancy when you are thinking about your future child? Pretty much nobody, right? Certainly no one enters into a surrogacy arrangement with the intention to terminate the pregnancy. But it’s a necessary evil to discuss this issue ahead of time. And New Hampshire lawmakers got it 100% right when […]


Baths are Important!

The Skeptical OB wrote about a mother who was lamenting that she didn’t get to give her babies their first baths in the hospital.  That post got me thinking about how these kinds of issues can arise in the hospital after a surrogate birth. In most situations, a newborn baby is checked out by medical […]

surrogacy health insurance

Surrogacy Health Insurance: FAQs

Q: What options are available for surrogacy health insurance? A: The three major types of health insurance available for surrogate pregnancies are employer-provided policies, individual health insurance policies, and policies designed specifically for surrogate pregnancies. Sometimes, a combination of insurance policies, possibly in conjunction with a cash-pay arrangement, is used. Generally, using a Medicaid program would […]


New Hampshire Surrogates: Getting Started

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