Questions We Get: Can I Become a Surrogate if I am a Single Mother?


“Can I Become a Surrogate if I am a Single Mother?”  At Surrogacy Pathways, the answer is yes!  We do accept surrogates who are single mothers.

As with all surrogates, single moms need to be financially stable and to have a strong support network of family members and/or friends.  We are not talking about people who will cheer you on during the process.  We’re talking about people who will drop everything to help you out if needed.

Surrogate pregnancies-like all pregnancies-can have unexpected complications.  As a single mom, you need someone who will pick up your kids from school if you have to unexpectedly rush to the OBGYN for an appointment.  And if you get placed on bedrest, whether at home or in the hospital, you need someone who can care for your kids when you cannot.  Your children’s father may or may not be an appropriate person to fill this role.

Another thing to consider is that your surrogacy compensation may impact your child support–this would be something to discuss with an attorney so you can understand what impact (if any) to plan for.

If you have a sexual partner, you can expect that he will need to be involved in the process, at a minimum for STD screening.  If you are separated but still legally married, your husband will likely need to be involved in the legal process.  If he’s unsupportive of your participation in surrogacy, it may be necessary to wait until your divorce is finalized.

One more thing:  Please talk with your doctor and your lawyer if you plan to have a new sexual partner during the journey.  Your doctor may want to screen your sexual partner for communicable diseases and your legal contract may have some requirements in it pertaining to new sexual partners.

Do you have questions about becoming a surrogate?  Email us at  You can also schedule a free consult for us to answer your questions about the surrogacy process.

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