Questions We Get: Can I Become a Surrogate if I’ve Been on Antidepressant Medication?

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We get this question a lot:  “Can I Become a Surrogate if I’ve Been on Antidepressant Medication?”

Life happens.  We get it.  There’s no shame in having used an antidepressant medication (Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, and so on).  Your emotional health is important so we applaud you for getting the treatment you need.

In order to become a surrogate, you must be emotionally stable without any medication.  This is because antidepressant medications haven’t been fully studied on pregnant women, so we don’t know if there are side effects that could harm the growing fetus.  We just don’t know, so better safe than sorry, right?

If you are currently on an antidepressant, please talk with your doctor about whether it is safe for you to stop.

If you have been on antidepressants in the past, your reproductive endocrinologist (the IVF doctor) will typically require that you have been off the medication for at least 6 months (some require longer).

Here’s some other things you need to know about surrogacy and antidepressants:

  • Your antidepressant use is part of your medical history.  As with other parts of your medical history, it will be disclosed to the intended parents.  All intended parents with Surrogacy Pathways must agree to protect the privacy of your medical information.
  • At Surrogacy Pathways, we take your privacy seriously.  We store your medical records in a secure electronic system and only disclose them to others as necessary f9r the process and with your permission.
  • You can expect that your medication use will be discussed at your mental health screening appointment.
  • Sometimes surrogates develop postpartum depression (PPD).  PPD is one of the risks of pregnancy and occurs in the period of time after the birth.  If you think you might have PPD, we encourage you to speak with your doctor about it.

Do you have other questions about becoming a surrogate?  Send them to us at  You can also schedule a free consult for us to answer your questions about the surrogacy process.

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